one love story bridging the gateway between multiple worlds

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One love story bridging the gateway between multiple worlds.

Taekook enthusiasts, welcome to Gateway to You: A Taekook AU Zine.

Here, you will have the chance to experience many different universes, be it the life of a superhero, the elusive story of fantastical creatures, or the fated adventures that come with a different time or place. Even across these alternate universes, it all leads up to one story and follows one red string between two souls.

No matter the universe, their hearts will always lead to each other.


Our zine focuses on the relationship between Taehyung and Jungkook. It will follow their love story across alternate universes. It will loosely follow their journey, from first encounters, to confessions, to a life spent together.

This zine will exclude bad endings, heavy angst, and NSFW.


The zine will feature a total of 44 contributors: 28 page artists, 5 merchandise artists, and 10 writers.

We are also excited to have 4 incredible guest artists and writers joining us on this project: Emma, Mia, Vaskerr, and Seb!

This project will offer digital, physical, and bundle versions. The printed booklet will measure at 8.5 x 11 inches. Digital measurements will be created at the same dimensions.


Please note that the Taekook AU Zine is fantasy-based and ships real people.

We acknowledge the grey areas of RPS (real person shipping) and want to assert that we intend no disrespect toward Taehyung and Jungkook as artists and individuals, nor do we approve harassment towards them or other fans regarding this matter. Any of the relationships portrayed in this zine between the two of them are not claimed to be real, particularly as our zine focuses on imagined AUs.

Our goal is to create a niche and lighthearted project for those who enjoy taekook content, and we hope that those who do not will respect the ideas and creativity of those involved as contributors or supporters of the zine.

Thank you for your support!


💗 Heii, it's Hotari.

Lead, Art, Graphics, Social Media

Zine Experience
I have had the pleasure to participate as an artist in the BTS Pirates & Mermaids Zine, I Only Have You: A Vmin Zine, CYPHER: A BTS Rap Line Zine, and COUTURE: A BTS Fashion Zine. Although this is my first time moderating a zine, I am getting lots of help from this amazing mod team to bring you this project. <3

Outside Experience
I have been an artist and ARMY since 2017. I'm currently working on Emrys, my own webcomic, and illustrating in between.

♡ Bonus ♡
My favorite thing about taekook is their sweet and caring relationship as the two youngest members. Additionally, I am seriously amazed by all the amazing taekook fan creators out there!

🥂 Hello there! It's Cara.

Organization, Carrd, Social Media, Graphics, Writing, Formatting & Layout, Production, Finance, Shipping

Zine Experience
I am a current production mod for COUTURE: A BTS x High Fashion Zine, management and writing mod for the BTS Wings Zine, and writing and layout mod for the Koobicore Zine. My experience as a moderator spans all levels of zine operations, both with co-mods and solo. In total, I have worked on 20+ projects across several fandoms. I have also participated as a writer in 6 zines. Gateway to You will be my first taekook zine and my 16th zine!

Outside Experience
I was a writer for the Haikyuu!! Iwaoi Exchange, Voltron Fanfiction Remix, and 2016 Haikyuu Secret Santa, and a previous organization mod for Penship and Voltron Beta Readers. I have 4+ years of experience in editing for fandoms as a beta and mod, and 7+ years of real-world experience editing for school publications, nonprofit magazines, and internships.

♡ Bonus ♡
Taekook has a special place in my heart, since they were the reason that I first learned about BTS! After seeing photos and fanart of them, I fell in love with how kind and playful they are with one another. My favourite thing about their dynamic is how they both challenge each other to be better people and try new things!

❄️ Hello :D It's Theo :>

Organization, Social Media

Zine Experience
I've participated as a writer for Redamancy Zine and am currently a writer for Hells Fire: A BTS Demon Zine and a management mod for COUTURE: A BTS x High Fashion Zine.

Outside Experience
Using spreadsheets and staying organized are big parts of my life, whether it's for personal use or for school projects/events and such. I always tend to be detailed and thorough when it comes to managing anything. I've also been writing as a hobby for overall 7+ years now (both original and fandom works) and 2 years specifically for BTS.

♡ Bonus ♡
Taekook are so cute, both individually and together, but one thing I definitely love is how their relationship is very precious, with how the two have changed over the years and how they've tried to talk about it and work with that (cries in Taekook In the Soop). I'm excited to see how our contributors will depict their relationship!

🥀 Birdie here!

Art, Discord

Zine Experience
I have worked as an artist for 15 zines and counting, and as a mod for 7. My mod experience includes making graphics, creating and managing Discord servers, keeping social media profiles active, communicating with contributors, handling emails, and keeping information organized on spreadsheets. I'm the lead and creator of COUTURE: A BTS x High Fashion Zine. I've also worked in BTS Wings, Strawberry Shortcake's Berry-Tastic Zine, TenDonna, and Cross|roads. You can learn more about my work in these projects here!

Outside Experience
I have plenty of real-world experience in clubs, jobs, and other extracurricular activities. I'm a natural leader and have created my own personal creative projects, often collaborating with friends. I've been a fan artist in fandom spaces for 5+ years and regularly handle commission work.

♡ Bonus ♡
BTS's individual bonds and bond as a whole have always been incredibly heartwarming to me! The idea that their love as one big family is larger than life and expands across universes is beautiful. I'm excited to see this explored through Taekook in Gateway to You!

🐚 I'm Daria!


Zine Experience
COUTURE: A BTS x High Fashion Zine is my introduction to the world of the zines and I'm really glad and grateful to the people who've been along the way. My part is project management and translation.

Outside Experience
I'm doing my second higher education as an academic singer, my first major was foreign languages and area studies so I've been working in this field since 2011. My real-world experience include working in marketing and project management, translation and editorial.

♡ Bonus ♡
Fetus Taekook were an exploding combo that made me love their bromance through years. Moreover, there are so many talented taekook fanartist that I'm really excited to be the part of this beautiful zine.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this zine physical or digital?
This zine will be offered both digitally and physically! We're grateful for the immense support from all of our followers, who made it possible.

Are NSFW (not safe for work) pieces allowed in this zine?
No, this zine is strictly SFW (safe for work). All material will be appropriate for minors, including any language or depictions of action/violence.

Will both Taehyung and Jungkook have to appear in every piece?
Preferably yes, in one way or another.

Will other members be included in pieces?
Yes, but the focus will stay on taekook.

Will taekook always be depicted romantically?
Not necessarily! We are giving our contributors the option to illustrate or write about their relationship in non-romantic (e.g., platonic) ways. Their work does not need to definitively state or depict romantic relationships. However, please note that the overall narrative of the zine includes romantic pairings.

How can I stay updated on the zine?
Be sure to follow us on social media @taekookzine! All contact points can be found by clicking the icons located at the bottom of this page.

S H I P P I N G & D E L I V E R Y

Who is handling orders?
Mod Cara manages the storefront and all order information, and will be responsible for handling all shipping procedures.

Why does the shipping period not have exact dates?
The shipping period entirely depends on our production and manufacturing time. Updates will be posted throughout our production process to let you know our progress and more concrete shipping dates!
At the moment, our production and shipping period has been severely delayed due to pandemic-related circumstances and the current war between Russia and Ukraine. We ask for your continued patience as we navigate these difficulties. For any questions, please contact us directly by email or Twitter DM.
I'm worried that I won't be home when packages ship. What should I do?
When you place your order, add a note to ask us to hold your order and ship it later after you are home! You can also contact us via DM / email and we'll work with you directly to figure out the best method.

Can I change my shipping address?
Certainly! Please email us at [email protected] with your order number and your new shipping address, and we will work with you to update your information!


What sort of participants are you looking for?
At this time, our applications have closed. We are excited to have an incredible team on board, and hope you'll look forward to supporting us in the coming months!

Can I apply for other zines with your team?
Our mod team is passionate about zines! Feel free to visit our mod page to find our individual socials and see what projects each of us are working on in addition to Gateway to You.


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